Past Board of Directors

PMI North India Chapter salutes the dedicated men and women who have given of their time, talents and energy by serving on the Chapter's Boards of Directors since its founding in 2002. Their dedicated leadership has paved the way for the remarkable growth and advancement of Chapter and brought recognition upon the project management profession.

Officers & Directors of the Chapter with their term of operation.


Name Title Term
Ajanta Sharma VP - Communications 01-Jan-17 to 20-Mar-18
Pritam D. Gautam President & CEO 01-Feb-15 to 31-Dec-17
Manoj K. Gupta Immediate Past President 01-Feb-15 to 31-Dec-17
Gaurav Sarin VP - Volunteers 01-Nov-16 to 31-Dec-17
Jay Kumar VP Finance 01-Feb-15 to 31-Dec-16
Naveen Kataria VP Governance & Policy 01-Feb-15 to 31-Dec-16
Vanita Ahuja Secretary 01-Feb-15 to 31-Mar-16
Vineet Sardana VP - Communications 01-Jan-16 to 30-Apr-16
Neehar Ranjan VP - Marketing & Outreach 01-Feb-15 to 30-Apr-16
Nirmalya Kar VP - Communications 01-Feb-15 to 31-Dec-15
Prashant Malhotra VP - Communications 01-Jan-14 to 28-Feb-15
Vineet Sardana VP - Memberships 01-Jan-14 to 31-Dec-15
Shobha Madan VP - Volunteers 01-Sep-15 to 31-Dec-15
Praveen Anand VP - Programs 01-Sep-15 to 31-Dec-15
Manoj K. Gupta President & CEO 01-Jan-13 to 31-Jan-15
Amit Chauhan CFO & Compliance officer 01-Jan-13 to 31-Jan-15
Pritam D. Gautam VP - Technology 01-Jan-13 to 31-Jan-15
Prashant Malhotra VP - Communications 01-Jan-14 to 31-Jan-15
Shalini Lamba VP - Coporate Relations 01-Jan-13 to 31-Jan-15
Vanita Ahuja VP - Government Relations 01-Jan-13 to 31-Jan-15
Amit Aggarwal
Secretary 01-Jan-14 to 31-Oct-14
Naveen Singh VP - Programs 01-Jan-14 to 31-Aug-14
Saket Bansal VP - Volunteer Management 01-Jan-14 to 31-Jul-14
Sachin Aggarwal VP - Volunteer Management 01-Jan-13 to 31-Dec-13
Hemant Seigell Secretary (Nominated) 01-Jan-13 to 31-Dec-13
Piyush Govil VP - Communication 01-Jan-12 to 31-Dec-13
Amit Aggarwal VP - Programs 01-Jan-12 to 31-Dec-13
Sarita Talwar, PMP VP - Membership 01-Jan-12 to 31-Jun-13
Pritam D. Gautam VP - Technology 01-Nov-10 to 30-Nov-12
Amit Chauhan CFO and Compliance Officer 01-Nov-10 to 30-Nov-12
Manoj Gupta President & CEO 01-Nov-10 to 30-Nov-12
Piyush Govil VP - Communications 01-Nov-10 to 30-Nov-11
Sarita Talwar, PMP VP - Membership 01-Nov-10 to 30-Nov-11
Amit Aggarwal, PMP VP - Programs 01-Nov-10 to 30-Nov-11
Manoj Gupta CFO & Secretary 01-Sep-08 to 31-Aug-10
Gaurav Mittal VP - Technical Activities 01-Sep-08 to 31-Aug-10
Mahesh Chaudhary VP - Membership 01-Sep-08 to 31-Aug-10
Lins Paul, PMP VP - Programs 01-Sep-08 to 31-Aug-10
Pawan Sharma President 01-Sep-08 to 31-Aug-10
Thomas Bain VP - Communications 01-Sep-08 to 31-Aug-10
Upendra Giri Principal Advisor 01-Sep-08 to 31-Aug-10
Sisinti Vishnu Chandra Patro VP - Membership 01-Feb-08 to 31-Aug-08
Dhiraj Chhabra VP - Communications 01-Feb-07 to 31-Aug-08
Manoj Gupta Treasurer 01-Jan-07 to 31-Dec-07
Pawan Sharma Secretary 01-Jan-07 to 31-Dec-07
Tarun Malik Vice President 01-Jan-07 to 31-Dec-07
Shashank Ojha Treasurer 01-Jun-06 to 31-May-07
Shashank Ojha Director at Large 01-Oct-03 to 30-Sep-05
Arvind Pandey Webmaster 01-Sep-03 to 31-Aug-05
Pawan Sharma Secretary 01-Sep-03 to 31-Aug-05
Tarun Malik VP - Operations 01-Sep-03 to 31-Aug-05
Jawahar Lal Narayan VP - Communications 01-Sep-03 to 31-Aug-05
Pawan Kumar Jalan VP - Programs 01-Sep-03 to 31-Aug-05
Abhinandan Jain VP - Membership 01-Aug-03 to 31-May-05
Upendra Giri President 01-Aug-03 to 31-Mar-06
Upendra Giri Potential Chapter Sponsor 09-Apr-02 to 31-Jul-03