World's First PMI Agile Certification Training Workshop

In the beginning, Agile project management techniques were only for the most change-oriented projects. Path-finding Internet-era companies showed the way to rapid innovation and dominance in their market spaces. Today however, Agile PM has become mainstream, and many organizations are adopting Agile approaches to improve their software development capability. This 3-day course provides a comprehensive overview of the competencies expected of an Agile professional.


Although primarily targeted towards project professionals interested in achieving the PMI Agile Certification, this course is not just for project managers. It is an effective primer for anyone who will be closely involved with teams adopting Agile techniques, including Product & Program Managers, Business Owners, IT managers, or Senior Technicians.


This course will satisfy all the training requirements for the new PMI Agile Certification. After taking this course, students will have the strong foundation needed to begin preparing for the certification exam.


The course will provide a broad survey of Agile PM tools, techniques, skills, and knowledge areas. Topics covered include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Highly visible communications
  • Planning, monitoring, and adapting
  • Agile estimation
  • Agile system analysis and design
  • Product quality techniques
  • Soft Skills Negotiation
  • Value-based prioritization
  • Adaptive risk management
  • Agile metrics
  • Value Stream Analysis