Steering Project Success – What more is possible?©

This program brings the practical insights from decades of Project Management experience in a packaged form. It is the most cost effective Experiential Training for professionals from Industry seeking to gain 'experiential knowledge'. with live project examples. The workshop demands clear focus and commitment from the participants seeking to deliver more than normal Processes and Methodologies.

Program Objectives

  • Program focused on achieving tangible increase in the Project Manager's ability to deliver projects successfully through the best `mindset'.
  • This ability directly impacts
    1. Profitability mining
    2. Opportunity mining across Projects, Accounts and Sectors.

Program Benefits

  • Enhanced ability to steer through grey areas /uncertainties in Projects/Programs.
  • Ability to develop the entrepreneurship mindset needed for steering projects to success.
  • Insight into crafting win-win solutions
  • Ability to steer expectations with a "positive NO" and a "conditional Yes"
  • Ability to arrive at Innovative co-creation strategies involving all project stakeholders

Session Details

0815 - 1730 Hrs : Workshop

Two Tea breaks and one Lunch break in between.

Payment Procedure : Online transfer as per details mentioned below:
Bank Name: HDFC Bank Limited
Bank Branch: Sector 18, Noida - 201301
RTGS / NEFT IFSC Code: HDFC0000088
Bank A/c Number: 00881450000077
Alternativerly a Cheque / Pay Order payable at Delhi can be sent at the chapter's registered mailing address along with your contact details [name, contact no., address, PMI Membership ID]