Program & Portfolio Management in collaboration with Successful Projects

There are many views about the processes associated with highly successful program and portfolio management practices and how to apply these processes in actual business environments. The standards for program and portfolio management provide a framework for application and a description of generally accepted best practices in use by many organizations. However, there are distinct differences between these processes and the available standards may not provide the detail required to establish a workable process within an organization. This session will address the application and processes of program and portfolio management from a perspective that includes the project manager as well as the executive or strategic viewpoint. The session will be interactive and is designed to provoke dialog and offer an opportunity for innovative thinking about program and portfolio management.

We all need motivation, and here is a highly acclaimed motivational speaker Commander Veerendra Jaitly, who shall deliver a talk on 'Becoming a Great Project Manager'. Jaitly is basically a telecom/electronics engineer but following his passion, he re-invented himself and switched over to 'Human Engineering'. He has been involved with Project Management from his early days in the Indian Navy. He has conducted a lot many workshops in the corporate world in India and abroad.

Session Details

04:30 pm : 05:00 pm Registration and Networking along with Tea & Snacks
05:00 pm : 05:15 pm Chapter Presentation
- Board Member
05:15 pm : 06:45 pm

Becoming a Great Project Manager
Commander Veerendra Jaitly

06:45 pm : 06:50 pm Introduction to Frank P. Saladis&
Successful Projects India
06:50 pm : 08:50 pm Session on Program & Portfolio Management
- Frank P. Saladis, PMP
08:50 pm
09:00 pm
Q & A, and Vote of Thanks
09:00 pm : 10:00 pm Dinner & Networking