Steering Project Success : What more is possible?©

This is a unique Workshop based on experiential insights and over a decade's effort at abstraction and institutionalizing, with several case studies. This has resulted in a Book - Steering Project Success - What More is Possible?, published by Assurance Consulting. The earlier version of the book was published by McGraw Hill.

The program has hands-on experiments (pseudo projects) for best learning and practical value. There has been significant investment in building this program with professional case studies, Voice overs and DVD's, and pseudo projects. This has been offered across locations and earned an average feedback of 4.4 on a scale of 5.

Over a 6000 Project Professionals across USA, Asia Pacific and India have engaged with this, authenticated and improvised it to a level of unbelievable simplicity. Only simple solutions can solve complexity.

This is the outcome of over 2 decades of Project Management learning, experiments and practical insights abstracted to 'simplicity for reuse'.

Basic entry criteria are to come with an Open Mind and be prepared to engage with a novel school of thought that delivers.

Program Objectives

This program is focused on achieving a tangible increase in Project professional's ability to deliver projects successfully, through an innovative concept called "Project Assurance Management".

This ability directly impacts

  1. Profitability mining
  2. Opportunity mining across Projects, Accounts and Sectors.

These workshops go beyond the standard PM Body of knowledge, methodologies, Processes, Tools and focus mainly on Practical Project Management insights getting applied at ground level.

Program Benefits

  • The Entrepreneurial mindset needed for steering project Success
  • Innovative co-creation strategies involving all Project stakeholders
  • Steering through grey areas/ uncertainties in Projects/Programs
  • Crafting win-win solutions in complex environments
    Providing mentor-ship for PM's, Team and Customer side Stakeholders.
  • How to say a Positive No/Conditional Yes!! And steer Expectations
  • Execution

The learning would be from practical project case studies they can easily relate to. There would be hands-on exercises (using objects) and linking the learning's to the real-life project world. The case study session enables participants to practice applying the internalised concepts and gain confidence to convert this experience into a sustained habit to deliver continuous and /or breakthrough results.

Session Details

9 AM - 6PM : Workshop

Two Tea breaks and one Lunch break in between.