Empowering the Leader in all of Us - Webinar Sessions

PMI North India Chapter invites you to enroll yourself to one of it's kind leadership webinar program in association with General Management Systems and Organizational Cybernetics GEMSOC), LLC.

COHORT 5 - About the Program (Specially designed for busy Indian Professionals)
It is a series of 8 (eight) insightful webinar sessions. These webinars are highly acclaimed and appreciated by professional from a range of industries. For registration and finding more details of the full series http://www.gemsoc.com/Leadership_India.html.

This program has already been done by Mumbai & Bengaluru chapters and based upon the success there, PMI North India Chapter is now offering this program for its community in the month of July 2016. The full program will entitle you to 12 Leadership / Education PDU’s and is a paid program.

Webinar Outline

Module 01 - Introduction
1. Webinar Software & Logistics
2. Introductions
3. Code of Conduct
4. Administration / Leadership / Management
5. Framework
6. Leadership Styles

Module 02 - Motivational Theories
1. Motivational Theories
2. Situational Leadership & Motivation
3. Evaluating Motivational Models

Module 03 - Team Building
1. Importance of Teamwork
2. Fundamentals of Teamwork
3. Common Goal / Vision
4. Code of Conduct
5. Group and Team Dynamics
6. Building an Effective Team
7. The Non-Performer

Module 04 - Getting Executive Buy In
1. Defining the problem
2. Managing the Relationship Or Leading from the Middle
3. Wrap Up & Case Discussions (Modules 1-4)

Module 05 - Leadership & Culture
1. Organizational
Dr. Kantor Model
Hofstede Model
2. Country Cultures (Hofstede Model)
Hofstede Model Overview
Country Profiles
3. Who Determines the Culture of Your Team or organization?

Module 06 - Communications
1. Defining the problem
2. Communications Channels
3. Communications Improvement
4. Tools / Techniques
5. Virtual Teams and Distance Mapping

Module 07 & 08 - Role of the Leader & Summary
1. First Principles of Leadership
2. Leadership and Management and Models
3. Development of New Leaders
4. Ten Commitments of Leadership
5. Leading Distributed Teams
6. Leadership Style Revisited
7. What Kind of Style should you have?
8. What is the Role of a Leader?
9. Summary & CASE Discussions (Modules 1-8)

Within each module, there are feedback questions almost every 7-8 minutes. Also, there is a short “self-knowledge test” after each module, so you can judge your progress. Tests are not graded by the instructor; but are provided for your own evaluation and benefit. After successful completion of 8 modules, you will earn a Certificate in Leadership Development.

*CCR Requirements of PMI have changed on December 31, 2015 requiring more emphasis on leadership education.

The Takeaways
1. 08 Webinar sessions of 90 minutes each.
2. A leadership mentoring opportunity from a local mentor, 02 telephone sessions (30-minutes each) with in 30 days of the last module.
3. After 30 days of last module, a participant can opt for receiving follow-on leadership mentoring, face-to-face with the local mentor, worked out totally between the mentor and the mentee. This will focus on leadership development of the participant, following the tradition of “Guru-Disciple” system started in India many years ago.