Workshop on FIDIC Contract Management - An Understanding of the Background, Scope and Range of FIDIC Contracts


PMI North India Chapter in collaboration with Uttarakhand Productivity Council is organising a practical hands on look at the FIDIC Contracts.

FIDIC – Contract Management:

FIDIC Contracts have gained global recognition as the contract of choice for construction and engineering projects. The contracts are being used on multiple international projects financed by Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) & International Financial Institutions. Today FIDIC contracts are being adopted by nearly all countries & development agencies across the globe. Uttarakhand Productivity Council in association with Project Management Institute (PMI)- North India Chapter is organizing one day workshop on FIDIC Contract Management on 3rd March, 2017 at Hotel Madhuban, Dehradun on No Loss basis. In this workshop we will take a practical hands on look at the FIDIC contracts. We will focus on the roles and responsibilities of the parties and other matters which have practical implications for users of the contracts.


The objective of the workshop is to acquaint the participants with: - An understanding of the background, scope and range of FIDIC contracts. - Knowledge of various aspects of contract management and administration followed by identification of duties and obligations of the concerned parties. - Addressing the issues relating to obligations under the contract - Dispute Resolution Mechanism.


The workshop will contain the following: - Introduction & Understanding of Contracts - Indian Contracts Act 1872 & Indian Contracts - Introduction to FIDIC Documents - Structure of FIDIC contracts - Understanding Clauses of FIDIC Construction Contracts (Red Book) - Claims & Disputes Resolution Mechanism.


Lectures and Group Discussions - Power point Presentations - Case Studies

Participants Profile:

The program is useful for the Project Directors & Engineers, Consultants, Contractors & Managers working with Government & Corporate Sector.

Event Agenda :

Start Time Topic

09:30 AM


09:40 AM

Inaugural Address
- Chief Guest

09:50 AM

Objective of the program: An Overview

10:00 AM

Indian Contracts Act 1872 & Indian contracts
- Mr.B.C.K. Mishra, Director- Operations, UJVNL

10:45 AM

Tea Break & Group Photograph

11:00 AM

Introduction to FIDIC Documents
- Mr.B.C.K .Mishra, Director- Operations, UJVNL

12:20 PM

Structure of FIDIC Contracts
- Mr.B.C.K .Mishra, Director- Operations, UJVNL

01:45 PM

Lunch Break

02:30 PM

Understanding Clauses of FIDIC Construction Contracts ( Red Book)
- Mr.B.C.K .Mishra, Director- Operations, UJVNL

03:45 PM

Tea Break

04:00 PM

Claims & Disputes Resolution Mechanism
- Mr.B.C.K .Mishra, Director- Operations, UJVNL

04:50 PM

Valedictory Lecture.
- Chief Guest

05:15 PM

Vote of Thanks & Distribution of Mementoes.