Symptoms of Failed Projects and Proposed Counter-Measures

G.Ravi, PMP & Kumar Saurabh, PMP

Project Failure Symptoms Proposed Counter-Measures
Scope Creep

  • Have Effective Trigger Management System
  • Maintain Proper Log of Potential Change Orders
Stakeholders have Different and Unrealistic Expectations
  • Have a Proper and Seamless Communication Management Process
No Real Need or Demand for the Product

  • Conduct Proper SWOT Analysis during Proposal Stage
  • Conduct Risk Analysis during Proposal Stage
Lack of User Involvement in the Project
  • Conduct Team Building Sessions
  • Have Regular Meetings and Feedback Sessions
Change Management is Lacking or Ineffective
  • Have Defined Change Management System
  • Keep Client Regularly Updated on Changes
Poor Quality Control
  • Have Defined Quality Plan
  • Conduct Internal & External Quality Audits Regularly
Problems are Identified at a Later Stage
  • Be Vigilant
  • Have a Reward & Recognition Scheme for Whistle Blowers