Training in Construction Project Management - Need of the hour

Amit Tambi, PMP

India is growing with a growth rate of around 8-9% per annum and infrastructure including building projects have become integral part of this growth rate. It is a known fact that without proper development of infrastructure, the required growth cannot be achieved.

Construction projects employ vast resources of men, materials, machinery, money and management to build a facility. Perhaps no other industry in the world can provide such a large scope for cost and time reduction, at micro level as in the construction industry. Moreover today’s projects cross geographical barriers, corporate channels, traditional systems and cultural diversities. Modern construction projects have inter-dependencies, are inter-related, involve heavy investment, require higher level of technology and need effective management of voluminous resources.

Construction projects have underlying difficulties, uncertainties and risks. They interact technically, economically and socially with the environment. Fast changing environment of the present era imposes numerous financial, legal, ethical, environmental and logistic constraints. In this scenario, it is utmost important to provide a holistic training to personnel at all levels on need, importance and applicability of Project Management.

Organized continual training on Project Management in Construction is therefore need of the hour. We need to create more awareness on the benefits of Project Management techniques and processes. It is also recommended that Project Management must be an intrinsic part of our professional curriculum so that an engineer who graduates is well versed technically as well as managerially and can contribute more effectively in the growth of Indian Economy.