Region Connect Volunteer Program

PMI North India Chapter has been working with various Government, Private, and PSU organizations over last few years with all of our events being sponsored by them during this period. To further promote PMI’s best project management practices amongst various stakeholders, provide additional volunteering opportunities for our chapter members, and in-line with our commitment in last AGM; chapter board is pleased to announce launch of another unique program called Region Connect. This program will be connecting North India Chapter with the Project Management Professionals in the areas primarily outside Delhi – NCR region. The list of states in North India Chapter Geography is provided on the chapter website, click here to see the list (cities are shown for reference, please apply as per states mentioned in the list). Following are the objectives of this program:

  • Chapter Outreach: Reach out to Government, Private and other type of organizations in the respective local geography for advocacy of best Project Management practices
  • Education: Educate members and potential members about PMI and the North India Chapter
  • Membership: Encourage PMI North India Chapter membership in the respective geography
  • Marketing: Develop & Share Chapter activities in the region showcasing the benefits availed by being members of North India Chapter, and getting connected with PMI

To meet these objectives, chapter is now initiating the process of accepting nominations for Regional Connect Ambassador (RCA) position. This program will be rolled out across North India Chapter Geography, where NIC-RCAs (North India Chapter - Regional Connect Ambassadors) will act as a liasion between the respective region and Chapter Board. We may be appointing more than one NIC-RCAs within each region for depending on its size, and scope / requirement of advocacy.

Responsibilities of NIC-RCA (North India Chapter - Regional Connect Ambassador)

  1. The NIC-RCA mission is service oriented and includes liaison, communications, coordination and chapter membership promotion
  2. Promote PMI North India Chapter and its activities within their respective region of operation
  3. Coordinate with PMI North India Chapter to organize sessions on Project Management Best Practices within their respective region of operation
  4. Collaborate and Identify potential Volunteers / Speakers for various Chapter Events
  5. Additionally, NIC-RCAs' are expected to encourage PMI certifications in their respective region of operation
  6. Plan, coordinate and rollout out Project Management advocacy event with local stakeholders and PMI NIC

Expectations from NIC-RCA

NIC-RCA’s are expected to actively participate in their role as follows:

  1. You shall be available to volunteer 12-16 hours per month
  2. Proactively establish yourself as the focal point within your region of operation for communications about PMI North India Chapter activities
  3. Actively participate in organizing Chapter's events to your region to develop and implement methods to attract membership interest and involvement
  4. Obtain sponsoring organization in your region willing to support your efforts to promote professionalism in project management. Solicitations will not be directed to this person. However, sponsors may be invited as guests and recognized during membership meetings
  5. Give permission to have your name published in the PMI North India Chapter Newsletter and website stating that you are the contact in your region and organization for questions about PMI North India Chapter
  6. Actively participate with other PMI North India Chapter Committees to develop and implement methods to attract membership interest and involvement within your region and organization
  7. Attend regular PMI North India Chapter meetings / events
  8. Share ideas / suggestions / concerns on how to improve PMI North India Chapter to efficiently cater to its members
  9. Coordinate with PMI North India Chapter Board for scheduling expert Project Management Advocacy & Knowledge sharing sessions within your region and organization

Region Connect Volunteer Program Benefits

  1. Claim upto 45 Category "E" PDU's (1 PDU is awarded for 1 hour of volunteer service)
  2. Recognition among Project Managers within your region and organization
  3. Recognition by PMI North India Chapter by publishing your details on chapter website
  4. Preference being given for volunteering at other chapter events / activities etc.
  5. Volunteering growth path which leads to Chapter Board and other future Volunteer leadership positions with PMI

How To Become NIC-RCA For Your Organization

If you are an active North India Chapter member, with a strong drive to volunteer and giving back to the community and project management profession. You can click here to submit the online volunteer application, please ensure to click on NIC-RCA to register your interest in this program.


  1. We are inviting first round of applications till November 30, 2012.
  2. Please complete the online survey to apply for this program in one single transaction, as coming back at later stage to finish incomplete survey leads to creation of new record
  3. If you have not finished your application to earlier launched “NIC CCA” program and want to be considered for both, then just click on both the check boxes in either of the application forms, you don’t need to apply for both separately
  4. This program is ideally targeted for members outside Delhi-Noida-Gurgaon area
  5. You should expect responses only after Nov 30, 2012 from chapter board, however the process may start early also looking at the overwhelming response to earlier launched program

Region Connect Volunteer Program Management Committee

  • Pritam D. Gautam – Vice President (Technology)
  • Piyush Govil – Vice President (Communications)

For any queries, please write to

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