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From Editor's Desk

Thanks to Hemant Seigell for providing a title and tag line to PMI NI Newsletter

I am thankful to have the privilege to publish first Newsletter of PMI North India Chapter. First and foremost, I would like to thanks fellow members, who took out time from busy schedule to enlighten us with the articles for the very first edition.

Thanks Kumar Saurabh for wonderful insight on Synergy

Synergy is derived from the Greek word "syn-ergos” meaning "working together". Historically we are all aware that many a milestones have been achieved by working together as a synergized team. This is more pertinent in Project Management scenario. We might have the best of project managers but the project can never be successful in absence of a cohesive team. Just as the protagonist in the movie Armageddon had said that “I am the Best because I work with the Best!”

Our effort “The First Newsletter of PMI North India Chapter” echoes the same feeling and passion. Our newsletter “Synergy - Collaborating Project Management for High Performance Businesses” has also been possible only because of support from members of PMI North India Chapter. We believe that this Synergy will add another milestone in PMI – North India Chapter’s continuous growth.

- Piyush Govil, PMP
VP - Communications
PMI North India Chapter

The Project Manager Styles & their Impact on the project

– Maneesh Dutt, PMP & Nirmallya Kar, IPMA – Level D

Team Sports and Project Management

– Gareth Byatt PMP, Gary Hamilton PMP, and Jeff Hodgkinson PMP

On the lighter side

The Making of PMPs - Piyush Govil, PMP

"Good project managers admit mistakes: that's why you so rarely meet a good project manager!"

"Anything that can be changed will be changed until there is no time left to change anything!

- Overheard by Kumar Saurabh, PMP

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