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From Editor's Desk

Editorial Team is thankful to everyone for an overwhelmed response and appreciation to the First edition of North India Chapter Newsletter.

It is an honor for entire Editorial team along with Project Management Fraternity to release and publish the Second Edition of “SYNERGY” on this day. The day of 5th September has its own significance in everyone’s life i.e. Teacher’s Day. It is also birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan a scholar, teacher and second president of Republic of India. It’s a tribute to him and all teachers’ for their selfless contribution towards building our society which helps shaping our career to become a great manager.

Project Manager is required to wear the Hat of a Teacher to be a great mentor and coach of a team they lead. This is the time where we can pay back to our society all the knowledge and patients to handle the tasks, what we have learnt from our teachers during school/college days. Remember how our teachers’ shaped our growth from our play school till we enter into corporate life teaching us moral lessons. We need to utilize our lessons related to morality and ethics as much as we utilize our technical knowledge. Moral lessons learnt help us to follow the code of conduct and ethical path during our professional life. During professional journey everyone encounters conflicting scenarios. One has to judge with best of one’s ability without crossing the ethical periphery.

I would like to stress that being ethical and maintaining transparency builds credibility and integrity.

Happy Reading!

- Piyush Govil, PMP
VP - Communications
PMI North India Chapter

On the lighter side

Project Management - Ethics vs. Business Interests

Food for thought...

Is there a need to go through code of conduct policy time to time?

- Served by Piyush Govil

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