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From Editor's Desk

It is a proud moment for me along with my editorial team to release fourth edition of SYNERGY once again on time, meeting the milestone. 21st March is a day of great significance to us, referring to our yearly season cycle, this day is observed as a start day of spring a transition period from winter to summer. 21st March is also celebrated as a Persian New Year “Navroz”. Spring is also seen as period of growth, renaissance, and reincarnation for plants as well as animals. Similarly, every edition of SYNERGY shall be acknowledged as rebirth, renewal, new beginning for yearning of knowledge by the project management fraternity. To me it is the most gratifying and pleasurable moment to publish SYNERGY with new concepts and appearance.

It is also a sense of excitement for me along with founding editorial team (Manoj Gupta, Kumar Saurabh, Nirmallya Kar, Felix George and G Ravi) to welcome new members in the editorial board; this will facilitate SYNERGY to bring in more creativity in publication and will surely increase reader’s interest and connect. Please welcome “Jitin Bindlish, Pooja Kapoor, Nitin M Singh, Abhijit Kumar, Prashant Malhotra and Hemant Seigell”. Editorial Team is really proud of members taking their time off from their busy schedule and sharing their experience through SYNERGY within the community.

Editorial Team assures you that all articles are well worth reading, however you the reader, are the best judge on the substance of the articles we publish. Therefore your feedback is always vital for us, be prompt in sharing your views.

Piyush Govil PMP®
Vice –President – Communications - PMI NI Chapter Editor – Synergy