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From Editor's Desk

Editorial team once again takes pride to release the 6th Edition of SYNERGY on schedule i.e. 23rd September’2012. Theme for this edition is networking which is most vital in building a community where everyone can share and leverage upon each other’s expertise.

I must say it is our pleasure to be part of such a great community which comprises of members who all are treasure of knowledge. Join the community to be part of great Treasure Hunt and achieve multifold career growth by acquiring the slice of this treasure of knowledge.

With this edition, SYNERGY clearly depicts that its fame is not only limited to periphery of North India but it has acceptance all over India as well as globally. We are getting articles from members based out of different metros of India. People are coming forward and eager to share their piece of knowledge acquired through their experience within PM fraternity.

SYNERGY is not released by professionals into publication industry, it is all the hard work and creativity of professionals belongs to this great PM fraternity. Editorial Team is squeezing their time out of professional and personal commitments to collate all knowledge and present to its members.

We always look forward to your critical reviews that will help SYNERGY to be one of top e-Magazine globally.

Happy Reading!

Piyush Govil PMP®
Vice –President – Communications - PMI NI Chapter Editor – Synergy