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Message from Chapter President

Dear Chapter Members & Practitioners,

Welcome to this monsoon edition of our Q2-2014 Quarterly magazine Synergy!! This magazine now comes with a new interview feature of senior practitioners being covered on specific topics and sharing their experience with our member community and readers. As earlier, we will continue to strive for new features and new ideas to continuously improve the quality and readership base of this magazine. Also to keep you posted on some key initiatives on which chapter board is working and will be in front of you soon for review and approval are:

  1. PMI Chapter Multi-Year Business Plan Support Program – This is an initiative on which we did initial work last year and few weeks back had a work with our Regional Mentor, Tejas Sura on the same. As per this initiative, chapters are expected to identity their long term high level objectives as per the geography and environment they are working in along side Economic Intelligence Unit report provided by PMI to the respective chapter for their environment along with certain key indicators for setting and tracking goals for their multiyear performance for coming years. This initiative is being led by me directly along with other board members besides Jay Kumar, our new Director Finance playing an important role on account of his position
  2. Chapter Board Position Alignment with PMI Role Delineation Study – This exercise is being led by Pritam D. Gautam with inputs from board and supported by Amit Aggarwal directly in the initiative. This initiative is aimed at aligning our board positions and their role definition with PMI's Role Delineation study exercise which is targeted to standardize board positions and their roles globally for all PMI Chapters. The exercise will go through few round of reviews and approvals between board, chapter members, PMI before being implemented for future volunteers coming into the chapter board / working within the chapter board from next year.
  3. Volunteer Recognition & Opportunities – No chapter can function or grow without volunteers or their active participation in chapter activities. As part of our chapter recognition initiative, Pritam as Conference Director for the conference has rolled out the following new placeholder on our chapter website for National Conference 2013 volunteers with details of their profile and their personal experience in the conference, all put together on a single link. This is being updated with details from volunteers who have been left out or whose complete details are being collated. We are going to work out more extensive recognition programs like recognizing loyal members of the chapter (say 7 Years or more) at chapter AGM and few more initiatives soon and details will be shared with the community in following months.

Manoj K. Gupta
President & CEO - PMI NI Chapter

Articles in this Issue

Agile, Agility and Project Management

One day event at Hotel Clarens, Gurgaon to understand all about Agile and PMI's support of the same.

Employee engagement & Soft Skills

Projects are created & executed by humans. As a leader or manager, let's look into as how to connect with our resources on at the required frequency to help them deliver what is expected.

- Neelima Chakara

Agile Requirements

Is agile fit for all? If not, then let's uncover some insights to make different type of projects fit under the umbrella.

- Jahnavi Rao

Managing the MESS

Humans are complicated, hence the projects created by humans are even further complicated. Revisiting six steps to simplify.

– Nafees Ahmad

Interview Series: Prof Vilas, Shah, ASCI

Prof Vilas Shah has been training civil servants and practicing managers in Operations Management. He is leading key projects from the government sector too. We caught him for a small chit-chat to understand how differently corporate & government sectors operate on projects.

Cloud Storage

Everybody talks about cloud; one likes to stay on Cloud 9. Know what's all it takes to stay on the cloud.

- Nitin Anand

Pros & Cons of Negotiations

Understand the pros & cons of Negotiation. Also, let's get behind the curtain to understand tactics, counter tactics and shifting of power.

-Ajay Bhargove