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Message from Chapter President

Dear Chapter Members & Practitioners,

Welcome to this quarter full of festivals and we at PMI NIC Board would like to wish you all in advance our best wishes for all the festivals and HAPPY Diwali!!

Further to my message in previous section of this magazine wherein I talked about certain administrative initiatives being worked upon by chapter vis-à-vis PMI guidelines and volunteer engagement, in this section I am going to apprise you all of certain changes in the chapter board, chapter events and volunteer engagement

1. Chapter Board Changes – There have been few movements in chapter board with the board having filled in few board positions like VP-Program, VP-Volunteer Management with new incumbents viz., Praveen Anand & Shobha Madan after resignation of previous board members.

2. Chapter Events – We have had two back-to-back events in our region on Sep 13 at YMCA (Delhi) and Sep 15 at Jaipur (details of both provided in a separate section in magazine) and PDU's uploaded for all attendees from the backend. We are now working on 4-6 more events being planned in the coming quarter with NTPC, ONGC, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community, ISB – Mohali, CIL & Essar in Ranchi and some events in MP with state government and our local volunteers, besides an event in TCS being worked upon with PMI India in last week of Oct 2014. As soon as these events structures and dates are finalized, they will keep on getting published on the chapter website, followed by emails to all of you within a week of their getting published.

3. Region Connect & Company Connect Ambassador Program– As part of our commitment to expand chapter volunteer base, provide more volunteering opportunities to chapter members and engage more and more organization into chapter fold, we have started appointing / renew terms of chapter ambassadors, here is the first set of such volunteers, with many more to follow.

Company Connect Ambassador

  1. Commander (Retd.) Naveen Kataria (T&T Leader Del. Centre, Delhi at IBM) for IBM Noida
  2. Daya Prakash (Head of Operations at ThinkSys Inc) for ThinkSys
  3. Amit Aggarwal (Global Transformation Manager) at Ericsson India Global for Ericsson Noida

Region Connect Ambassador

  1. Vinod Garg - (CMD , Promac Advisors Pvt. Ltd) – for Jaipur
  2. Ruchi Singh – (MD Juncture Group & Regional Chairperson - Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council of India) for Indore / M.P.

Manoj K. Gupta
President & CEO - PMI NI Chapter

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