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Message from Chapter President

Dear Chapter Members & Practitioners,

Greetings from PMI North India Chapter Board!

Synergy. Last year was very eventful as the chapter hosted PM National Conference for the second time after 5 years.There were many other highlights, e.g., stabilization of our "Meet & Greet" initiative for new members, maturing of our Ambassador Volunteer Program etc. This being the 10th edition of PMNC, it was all the more memorable. The fruits of quality efforts put in by entire group of volunteers selected from chapter board and member community were visible in the feedback we received, and in the enthusiasm of speakers in listening to other speakers, connecting, interacting, and sharing views with them. Industry and non-industry speakers presented their views on how to embrace and ride over the disruptions that are being presented to us in multiple spaces ranging from technology to economy to global policies. The need for agility and an organization's ability to integrate rapidly with evolving technologies were identified as vital skills for survival. We must also attend to the most vital element – the human capital – by way of skill development and helping people achieve work-life balance and happiness. All this was complemented by quite a few new ideas / innovations like

  • Mobile Application based engagement
  • Leader Board
  • Pre-Conference Quizes
  • Networking Platform
  • Memory Wall - Last 9 Year Story
  • Panel Discussions and Key Notes Alignment – Session Wise Themes
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Quizzes & Prizes (Lower Ground Floor) during breaks
  • North India Chapter Ambassador Booth

2019 promises to be an exciting year as well. We have kicked off the year well with the following accomplishments -

A. Chapter Board Elections

This year we started off by conducting our Chapter Board Elections and I am excited to welcome newly selected board members -

  1. VP Membership - Praveen Urankar
  2. VP Volunteer Management - Shivender Vats
  3. VP Professional Development - Vaibhav Sharma
  4. VP Communications - Neelima Chakara

B. Asia Pacific Membership Challenge 2018 – Final Results
I am very happy to share that the Chapter was recognized for member retention as well as new member retention 2018.
Kudos to all the Chapter volunteers, Chapter board and to all members for making this happen and reposing your trust in chapter and its management team.

C. Chapter Events
We already have 3 chapter events since National Conference out of which only one was open to chapter members for attending as they were company specific events. We are working on announcing more events this month for the next quarter and you should remain connected to us through email / social media / LinkedIn for those announcements.

D. Chapter Volunteer / Ambassador Positions
We are working on some new interesting initiatives to be announced over next quarter and will release a list of open volunteer positions like earlier years. We look forward to engaging with you to jointly volunteer for this special chapter and taking this chapter to greater heights.

Warm Regards,
Manoj K Gupta
President & CEO - PMI NI Chapter