Project Management National Conference 2013 Volunteers

The North India Chapter of PMI salutes its volunteers for its dedication and efforts, without whom the conference would not have seen the light of success.

This page lists the photographs & experience of volunteers, who have shared the same. If you have volunteered the conference, and would like your photograph and message listed here, please get in touch with twitter:@pritamdutt

  • Anurag Deepak Anurag Deepak Role at conference: Volunteer for Registration track. Contributed to the preparation of Registration kits, handling the Registration stalls, Help desk and Speaker track also.

    Experience: It was a wonderful experience to be a part of PMI National Conference. I appreciate the enthusiasm, dedication, commitment of self-managed volunteers in coordination with the leaders that made the event a big success, plus I made many good friends in the process.
  • Atin Wadera, PMP Atin Wadera, PMP Role at conference: For the PMI National Conference 2013, I started as a member of core committee for Technical papers track. Then I got involved in Hospitality track and helped in the planning phase by preparing risk register and other documents. During the conference, I was aligned with the Registration Track and helped in providing smooth registration and hepldesk experience to the delegates.

    Experience: This was a very good experience of the diversified tracks for a large event. There were Program, Project Managers, Enterpreneurs, working together as team members. It was like a marriage function organized over 3 days to attend the guests, paid delegates, sponsors, PMI members to ensure everyone was happy. There was lot of co-ordination between PMI, host chapter, Event Management Agency, Hotel staff to ensure all the sessions happened at right time and right place as per the schedule. Last minute changes in plans were also handled gracefully without a slight bit of inconvenience to the delegates.
  • Chetan Gupta
		Chetan Gupta Role at conference: I played multiple roles in pre and during the conference phase. Pre Conference activities includes reaching out to potential volunteers for the conference and asking them to set up a campaign in organization for the awareness of the conference. During Conference activities includes Registration and Help Desk for delegates and guests.

    Experience: This conference gave me a good insight on the project management activities which includes coordination, taking care of minute details of components involved, best use of technology to achieve the goals, leadership capabilities that is required to be able to deliver great results on time and within available resources and to create partnership and bonding with team that you have met for the first time. I am really glad that I was given this opportunity to be part of the conference as a volunteer and get involved in the preparation and execution.
  • Deepak Mathpal
		Deepak Mathpal Role at conference:Volunteer for Registration track. Contributed to the preparation of welcome kits, handled the Registration stalls for registration related queries and Help desk track also.

    Experience: This was my first National Conference which I attended. I appreciate the hard work,enthusiasm, dedication, commitment of self-managed volunteers in coordination with the leaders that made the event a big success.I look forward to have this kind of opportunity again where I can extend my services and learn. Many thanks to PMINIC for giving me this opportunity.
  • Gaurav Sarin Gaurav Sarin He is actively associated with PMI North India Chapter, organizing and participating in various programs and volunteer activities. He was a member of Hospitality track team in PM National Conference 2013 and mainly responsible for EM vendor oversight and coordination among other tracks. His overall experience of PM National Conference 2013 was excellent, informative and motivational. He got the opportunity to meet industry leaders, interacted with them and networked with others across the globe.
  • Karan Chowdhary Karan Chowdhary Role at conference: I was a part of the Hospitality track and was responsible for managing the entire conference execution plan in co-ordination with other subsidiary plans. I was also responsible for coordinating with other tracks to make sure everything was just in the order and in sequence as planned and recorded.

    Experience: It was a one of kind experience for me, looking at the entire conference from the back-end processing and taking care of the co-ordination at all the levels and areas. I was amazed with the level of enthusiasm, commitment and dedication of the entire team which contributed to its grand success. It was a great learning experience for me. My humble thanks to PMI North India Chapter for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the National Conference 2013.
  • Piyush Garg Piyush Garg Experience:I had an enriching experience working as part of PMI National Conference organizing team/ North India PMI chapter. Helped me understand what goes behind the successful implementation of such a mega event. I thoroughly enjoyed the overall feel of it especially since I got to hear the top leaders from various industry sectors. From Microsoft Chairman to Bollywood ace director/producer and from CEO of top healthcare provider to the CEO of top travel website, everything was just WOW!! As they say, nicely tied backstage effort leads to a wonderful show/ customer experience with claps and appreciation and to be part of it from that view was an eye opener for me. Many thanks to The President, Directors and Track leads for involving us in this initiative.
  • Pooja Kapoor Pooja Kapoor Experience:As a volunteer it was a tremendous learning experience in event management at such a large scale – Planning, Risk management, Execution, Monitoring & Control, Stakeholder Management, Communication Management etc. Reviewing Technical Papers brought a lot of exposure to so many topics, different people's viewpoint, work going on in various types of industries, practices followed by different companies in various sector. I cherished 3 days like anything. Extremely memorable ..!!
  • Prashant Malhotra Prashant Malhotra Experience:Interesting experience as I saw Project & Program Managers, Entrepreneurs & Free Lancers all working as workers i.e. Team Members and yet were managing and coordinating with others like Managers. Not once, there arose a feeling of being governed or controlled. Hats off to Track Leads, Director, VPs & President of North India Chapter to make it a memorable experience.
  • Praveen Anand Praveen Anand It was ineed a great pleasure to work along with you. I was in the Hospitality track and responsbile for the main hall event in Pearl.
  • Rakesh Prasad, PMP Rakesh Prasad, PMP PMI rocks! It was a life time experience. Vital take away were statements like "Mind khali rakho.." (Mr. Mahesh Bhatt) and inspiring talks from Mr. Deep Kalra on entrepreneurship, mega tata nano session by Mr. Girsh Waugh and many more. Proud to be a part of an awesome 35 people team. Yes! we made it happen. We tasted Euphoria at the end. An example set by PMI–NIC. Thanks a zillion for this golden opportunity!
  • Ravi Ravi Volunteered and managed the Registration Desk and helped the Speaker track.
  • Sakshi Bhardwaj Sakshi Bhardwaj Role: I volunteered in Registration track where I extended my help for preparing welcome kits, Registration of all delegates and also on Helpdesk - serving queries.

    Experience: This was my first National Conference, I ever attended. Learned agile/dynamic techniques of Coordination, Planning and Execution with mixed bag of team members. People from different companies, roles , domain worked together as one team smiling always. It was really life time experience. I look forward to have this kind of opportunity again where I can extend my services and learn. Many thanks for giving me this opportunity.
  • Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar As a volunteer, I got the experience which is beyond words. i had cherished each and every moment. Individually we all were from different areas, working at various management positions, but it never came as a blocker for our common cause. We were so involved that we forgot about our individual egos. I had learnt more then what I gave to our management community as a volunteer. You can assume me available(as a volunteer) for for all your future events.
  • Shikha Vaidh Shikha Vaidh Role: Worked on the speakers track for the National Conference, prepared the invite letters of all the speakers. During the conference took care of the speakers schedule, on time arrivals at the venue, their registrations, checking of their audio, video setup etc.

    Experience: It was the great experience to attend the conference as a volunteer. Though belonging to different companies but all shared the same goal of delivering the conference successfully on time and first time right. And in turn got to hear the various eminent speakers in 2 days and gather the knowledge on the same theme from multiple visions. It was the real vast network of professionals from different industries and all shared the same goal towards success.
  • Shivender Vats Shivender Vats Role: I was blessed with the opportunity to work on the conference right from the green field for volunteers. Worked as Hall Manager in Hospitality track.
    Experience: It was a knowledge enhancement experience from planning of various stages of project management e.g. minute by minute planning of the 3 days conference & a lifetime opportunity to Volunteer at the Mega Event. Its all not ended here as we received 1st hand on the spot appreciation from participants. Post conference the energy was remarkable at volunteer acknowledgement ceremony presented by PMI North India Chapter.
  • Shobha Madan Shobha Madan Role: I was a part of the Hospitality track and started with shortlisting of Hotels for the delegates basis the facilities and services offered vis a vis the cost. This experience was totally different and very interesting as it involved visiting the hotel, seeing the property and interacting with the hotel staff etc.

    Closer to the conference, I was into venue management along with other team mates. The requirement was to front face the hotel staff to ensure smooth arrangement at various event venues. In addition, I handled back stage on the day of the conference which gave me an opportunity to have a close look and in some cases, interact closely with the esteemed guests/ speakers for the conference which I am sure was a once in lifetime opportunity.

    Experience: Over all, this conference was a unique experience which brought a better exposure, hands on experience and widened my horizon. In addition, it has given me friends for a lifetime.
  • Shweta Goyal Shweta Goyal Role: Volunteer in the Registration track.

    Experience Thanks from bottom of my heart for having us to be part of such a mega event. Kudos to the PMI National Conference organizing team/ North India PMI chapter who have working for months to make the event successful. I think we all know that it was truly a remarkable event which had eminent speakers from different industries from the likes of Bhaskar Pramanik to Mahesh Bhatt. It was enlightening to hear their views about Project Management and its importance. I was a volunteer in the Registration track. I was lucky enough to get hands on almost all the tracks including the Speaker track. Favorite part – had an opportunity to have lunch with Mr. Girish Wagh (man behind Tata Nano). Once again, many thanks to The President, Directors and Track leads for involving us in this initiative.
  • Vikram Verma Vikram Verma Role: Hall Manager, part of Hospitality Track, coordinating with event management and other volunteer tracks as required

    ExperienceMy first opportunity to work on a event of this nature and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Brought back memories of college days. The planning, the apprehension when things were going on, the relief when they got done right while still getting to hear most of the speakers. And some very good speakers and subjects too, all so relevant and educational. The final lap with Mahesh Bhatt and Swamiji was the perfect climax. I have to mention the teamwork...During the sessions, the speaker momentos just appeared at the right time into the hall, the speaker wow photo materializes by magic, the hotel staff brings the tray for the momento, the usher walks in, the persons to present the momento to the speaker always somehow present in the first row, and the photographer suddenly reappearing when required for the speaker presentation...all working like a well choreographed performance. Almost as if everybody else was working on MY work! To sum it up, I'll borrow from a Shah Rukh Khan movie - No one can take these three days away from me now... THANK YOU PMI North India Chapter. Will be a privilege to work with you again.