Global Project Challenges and Mitigation by Applying Project Management Practices

An event delivered at BT Global Bussiness Services on Nov. 10, 2017

Lower revenues, high operational expenditure, cut throat competitive pressure, exponential growth in data traffic and new disruptive technologies coming up in network communications are forcing the need for a big transformation in Telecom Industry. Like the change cloud computing brought to the enterprise IT industry, a structural change is needed in the Telco core Systems to meet future user demands, yet be cost effective & operationally agile.

Software-defined networking (SDN) and Network functions virtualization (NFV) are disruptive developments in network communications emerging as enablers for this transformative change worldwide. SDN and NFV brings in new architectural approach to networks, combining different technology capabilities to bring in much-needed Agility. They together have the potential to transform various aspects like Operations, improved way of applications delivery, Business model. The number of Tier-1 Operators leading the change to SDN, NFV is growing. The markets for SDN, NFV are expected to reach $158 billion by 2021, per a recent business research report.


Although primarily targeted towards project professionals, this event is not just for project managers. It is an effective primer for anyone who will be closely involved with teams adopting Project Management techniques, including Product & Program Managers, Business Owners, IT managers, or Senior Technicians.


This session is to give an overview of SDN, NFV technologies, briefly talk about their development, standardization progress and how these are likely to bring in a disruptive transformation to the Telecom industries.

  • Security and Cloud Technology Framework & Challenges in Telecom Industry
  • Best Global Practices in Transition and Transformation
  • Challenges In Telecom Business from New Trends in Globalization
  • Case Studies